Know Your Options

Part of our unique support system at IAS is helping families understand their insurance and payment options. Getting your head around your insurance plans and costs can be confusing and very overwhelming. That’s why we have a dedicated staff member who will help you figure everything out – we can even talk to your insurance company for you.

Once we understand what your benefits are, we will sit down with you one-on-one to teach you how to navigate your plan, help you understand what to expect and offer advice on next steps. Together, we will make sure there are no financial surprises. And, if for some reason, insurance isn’t an option for your family, we do offer flexible, private payment plans, too.

  • Dedicated in-house staff that understand the world of autism related insurance billing
  • We provide 1 on 1 benefit consultations so you understand all your covered services
  • Private pay financing and payment options available
  • Accepting most major insurances